Be one step ahead of burglars this December

Bloemsec Christmas

December month is holiday month. Unfortunately it is also the time of year when thieves see the opportunity to hit our homes that are soft targets while we are on holiday. Take care of the following before you leave on holiday: 1. First and foremost: Somebody must watch your house – a neighbour, friend or family. Is the power on? Are your animals well cared for and everything fine? We often receive calls from neighbours complaining about alarms that has been howling for days. As a security firm we can…

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It is a beautiful thing when your career and your passion meet. This statement is especially true of the talented beauty professionals I get to work with daily. Recent research on beauty in the retail sector has increasingly shown that the beauty industry is growing – even during the recession. From my own experience and sales history in the beauty whole sale sector I can certainly back this up. Statistics do not lie. The beauty industry is growing rapidly by the day. Would you want a piece of this beautiful…

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