Bloemsec MD, Stephan Meyer, explains that companies are usually susceptible to robbery at opening and closing times. There is a way to help keep your staff safe and prevent being targeted. He offers the following security advice.

1. Stay alert while opening and closing

Many business owners have been robbed or hijacked outside their business properties when opening or locking up for the day. Firstly check that there are no suspicious persons or vehicles waiting near your property before you open. It is best to rather drive past and come back a few minutes later. If the coast is not clear when you return, alert your security company to patrol the area or give you an escort.

2. Banking safety measures

Countless businesses have been targeted after managers or owners have drawn large sums of cash from the bank. Robbers often stake out business premises to study your routine before striking, so it is best to vary the times that you make trips to the bank and always take at least one staff member with you. Before leaving the bank make sure that there are no suspicious individuals or vehicles nearby and that you are not being followed.

3. Keep the safe and safety-box empty

Don’t keep large sums of cash or valuables on the premises. It is a good practice to install a sign advising that cash is not kept on site.

4. Empower staff with a safety plan

Regularly brief your staff on the importance of safety and security and train them to be watchful for intruders or any suspicious behaviour in clients. Ensure sufficient fixed panic buttons are installed in the building and equip key staff with remote panic buttons that can be carried around and discreetly pressed in times of need.

5. Regularly test your systems

Perform regular checks on your alarm system to ensure it is always working effectively. Consider upgrading your business’s security technology or installing CCTV surveillance cameras. These act as a deterrent against crime and can be used to assist the police and security companies during an investigation.

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