A new Bizwoman – Do you like the look?

In January 2019 Bizwoman will be celebrating 5 years in business!

Thanks to our readers and advertisers, Bizwoman (previously Sakevrou/Woman in Business) survived her start-up years, learned some valuable lessons along the way, and completely transformed herself to serve a growing community of businesswomen in South Africa.

Firstly, we’ve learned to FOCUS, or niche down, if you like.

It was you who asked for it! A country-wide survey suggested that we keep the emphasis on all things business, and let go of the many lifestyle distractions. The focus ahead will be on podcast interviews with GREAT South-African businesswomen (and men). Opt-in here to get notified of new interviews.

(Don’t fear, we will still make time and space for some fun, as always 🙂

Secondly, we had to address the double standards of two languages on two sites with two sets of Social Media strategies.

It was a tough decision, but we’ve decided to stick to English as our preferred mode of communication. However, some podcast interviews will still take place in Afrikaans, although transcriptions and summaries can be made available. Please ask if you need it.

Finally, we followed your great advice and reinstated events where businesswomen can meet and network. Here we all learn from hand-picked keynote speakers or industry gurus. Invites will reach you via your inbox or social platforms. Please opt-in here to get notifications.