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Somewhere, some years ago I read about Anastasia Soare. She is a beauty icon, considered to be the world’s definitive eyebrow expert and she has a list of serious A-list clients in Beverly Hills and Hollywood. But what stood out to me in the article, was the way she applied for her first credit card. Being a Romanian immigrant in America with no-one to back her up, she was not allowed any credit card facilities by her bank. At that stage she knew she could grow her business exponentially if she could just get some support. Threatening to set herself on fire in the bank’s foyer, holding the lighter fluid and matches, if I recall correctly, she gave the bank manager no real choice. Short story is that her ‘application’ was successful and her business soared to great heights shortly thereafter.

If you can make a living from brow shaping facilities around the world, there must be something in the simple brow..?

In an online article by Duchess diaries it’s said that eyebrows are the most important features on any face. That’s why it’s worth going the extra mile to have them done by someone who truly understands what shape means. They also list six pretty good reasons for shaping your brows (it makes you look rested and younger, it is the most inexpensive way to look great and you can get away with very little makeup).

Last week I went for my first ever brow threading. “Are there even ladies in SA who can thread properly?” a friend asked me over the weekend.

I’ve met just the lady. Pulane Senokoane at Posh Lab Brandwag is a threader par excellence.

Threading is done with a simple cotton thread which they twist around a few times so that it catches the hair as it is pulled this way and that over the surface of the skin. It picks up the finest and shortest hairs and you quickly become accustomed to it.  It’s not as excruciating as tweezing, but takes a little longer than waxing.

Why choose threading? A real good threader can catch the shortest hairs and really do great and accurate shaping of the brow. “Excessive waxing also tends to thin out the skin area around the eyes,” says Pulane, which threading doesn’t do. The Posh Lab Franchise group imported a teacher from India to train their ladies to do it perfectly. In India they use the method to do all facial hair removal (including those embarrassing ladies’ mows and sidies).

Can anything go wrong? “It takes about a month’s practice on family and colleagues to get it perfect,” says Pulane who warns that inexperienced people can pinch out bits of skin instead of hair.

But if it’s done correctly it is a beautiful thing!

Don’t be caught with unruly brows, rather make for Posh Lab and get Pulane to do yours, perfectly. Call them for an appointment on 051-444 0833.

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