ANESI launches future of beauty in SA

A team of Spanish representatives are currently in South Africa to launch the exciting new ANESI range. Their first stop happened to be South Africa and Bloemfontein was one of the first to launch this incredible new product. Woman and Business was there.


Ultimately, what you and I want from our beauty product is to revive our youthful skin. A skin that is firm, smooth, blemish free with less wrinkles and refined pores. That is a lot to ask from a beauty product, but that is what the DRV Group (Holdings Company for ANESI, Depilève and Crisnail) had in mind when they developed the new ANESI LAB INSTITUTE CELLULAR 3 products.

ANESI LAB INSTITUTE CELLULAR 3 promises to be an all-round solution to the three known causes of skin aging: Glycation, Oxidative stress and DNA damage. Or more commonly referred to as free radicals, collagen collapse and nucleus or cell damage.

ANESI LAB INSTITUTE CELLULAR 3 promises to combat wrinkles, fade dark spots, firm skin tissue, redefine facial contours, refine skin texture and minimize pores.

Get out and get yours now from an ANESI representative salon!

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