Nine common mistakes entrepreneurs make


The thrill of starting a new company can sometimes hamper an entrepreneur’s ability to keep a clear head regarding all aspects of running a successful business. Diederik van Niekerk, a certified business coach and franchisee with ActionCOACH South African in Bloemfontein, highlights some of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make. 1 Deadlocked partnerships Creating an equal partnership seems fair in theory and typically works well initially. However, sooner or later disagreements arise and the company can be left in limbo because no partner has the final say. Eventually this will…

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The power of “quiet” in a world full of noise!

When you’re at a party, do you suddenly feel the desperate urge to escape to some place quiet such as a toilet cubicle and just sit there? Until I read Quiet by Susan Cain, I thought it was just me. I’d see other partygoers grow increasingly effervescent as the night wore on and wonder why I felt so compelled to go home. I put it down to perhaps there not being enough iron in my diet. But it’s not just me. It’s a trait shared by introverts the world over. We…

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Welcome to a new look Woman and Business!


After some serious planning, nightly grafting, difficult decisions, firing service delivery partners, getting great new partners on board and much collective panic and stress, we are finally back on line. I reckon you can think of it as a type of full body makeover 🙂 – a lean, mean, more experienced Woman and Business that has come of age and is now ready for the next season of her life. The new Woman and Business sat down with South African songbird and judge on The Voice South Africa, Lira, and…

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