Dubai 2016

I have always been impulsive when it comes to travelling. I travel every chance I possibly get. However, I will admit, the Middle East wasn’t exactly on top of my bucket list. Yet, when I found myself staring at the Beauty World Middle East 2016 invite in my inbox, and a nudge from a friend, I couldn’t resist. With over 1500 beauty related exhibitors from all over the world present in one location I would surely be in for a very informative treat! Just three weeks later I boarded my…

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(Semi) Permanent beauty?

(Semi) permanant beauty pic

Perfectly shaped eyebrows, a hint of eyeliner, defined lips with a touch of color-all without a stitch of makeup on. It sounds like I’m describing the wake-up scene of the main character from a movie, right? No. I’m describing the modern day no-time-to-waste woman (and even man!) who have opted for micro-pigmentation, or as it is more commonly known: permanent make up. I met up with experienced permanent makeup technician Doné Budd Leech to get her input on this ever popular treatment. Doné has 18 years’ experience in both the…

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Flawless Foundation

flawless foundation

  I have a confession. I am a glossy magazine addict. In my recent binge I noticed a lot of foundation make-up adverts. Where does one even start in choosing a foundation off the shelf? I hope the following tips from what I have learnt in my eight years in the industry will make the decision easier! Start the right way In order to achieve a perfect finish, you need to get the basics right. Start with a good cleanse and exfoliation, tone the skin in order to correct the…

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“You can look gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty and irresistible for the rest of your life” said a very wise Coco Chanel. Oh, and how very right she was. The fine line separating a cosmetic and medical approach to treating skin aging, is merging fast and the results to the consumer are positively impressive. Anti-aging has long surpassed one or two wonder ingredients being responsible for restoring the once youthful glow and bounce our skins had. Amongst all the advertising we are bombarded with, we are left with two…

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The 7 beauty wonders of Coconut Oil

The humble coconut has made some serious headlines in dieting in the past few years, but few people know about its great cosmetic properties. Marinique Viljoen made a list. Nail and Cuticle Strengthener If you struggle with nails that are weak and cuticles that are prone to tearing, this tip is for you! One of the best cosmetic uses of coconut oil is for nail health. Tip: Massage a small drop of coconut oil on your nail bed and allow the oil to be fully absorbed. (Be sure not to…

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