All about brows

Somewhere, some years ago I read about Anastasia Soare. She is a beauty icon, considered to be the world’s definitive eyebrow expert and she has a list of serious A-list clients in Beverly Hills and Hollywood. But what stood out to me in the article, was the way she applied for her first credit card. Being a Romanian immigrant in America with no-one to back her up, she was not allowed any credit card facilities by her bank. At that stage she knew she could grow her business exponentially if…

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Welcome to a new look Woman and Business!


After some serious planning, nightly grafting, difficult decisions, firing service delivery partners, getting great new partners on board and much collective panic and stress, we are finally back on line. I reckon you can think of it as a type of full body makeover 🙂 – a lean, mean, more experienced Woman and Business that has come of age and is now ready for the next season of her life. The new Woman and Business sat down with South African songbird and judge on The Voice South Africa, Lira, and…

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