Left Brain, Right Stuff


Title: Left Brain, Right Stuff Author: Phil Rosenzweig Left Brain, Right Stuff takes up where other books about decision making leave off. For many routine choices, from shopping to investing, we can make good decisions simply by avoiding common errors, such as searching only for confirming information or avoiding the hindsight bias. But as Phil Rosenzweig shows, for many of the most important, more complex situations we face — in business, sports, politics, and more — a different way of thinking is required. Leaders must possess the ability to shape…

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Maya on Money


Title: Maya on Money Author:Maya Fisher Maya on Money Book Review: This month Woman and Business reviews Maya Fisher French’s book on implementing your money plan, “Maya on Money”.  The practical guidelines to investing smart in this handbook shows just why she won the Sanlam Award for excellence in financial journalism.  Maya covers the most important topics from budgeting and spending, to saving and raising financially savvy children.  What is most enjoyable about this manual, is the fact that this financial guru is a born and bred South African who…

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The first 30 Days


Title: The first 30 Days Author: Ariane De Bonvoisin The first 30 Days – Your guide to making any change easier Book review by Marinique Viljoen Author and Change Expert, Ariane De Bonvoisin shows just why her latest book, “The first 30 Days” was featured in the “O Magazine” by Oprah and became a best seller in no time! By introducing ‘The Change Manifesto’, Ariane manages to address the cynical and gloom-ridden way in which we were conditioned to perceive change in a negative way, and radically creates a new…

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Four books you should read before you start a business

Four Books

I remember when I started in business, I was really scared. In front of me was the enigma of the business world to which I ascribed special powers (read: I was making things too complicated). I also knew I could not stay in the institutionalized background where I came from. For me to stay sane, I needed to do my own thing and pursue my passion. This did not take away the fear, and I need a whole new blog to share how I made fear my friend, but for…

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