Why you should seriously consider business coaching this year

Diederik van Niekerk

Diederik van Niekerk has years of business experience, both in local and international markets. In 2014 he qualified as a Business Coach with ActionCOACH and since then he has had great success stories in the central region. Woman and Business interviewed the coach to find out: What is business coaching all about, and should we consider? Why does every Businesswoman need a business coach? Coaching by definition means to help someone achieve a desired result. Just like any top athlete never stops using a coach, no business owner should be…

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The benefits of learning in business

There is a well-known saying that goes ‘you are never too old to learn’, and that rings nowhere truer than in the business world. The business world is a fast-paced environment where the goal posts are constantly shifted and things can change overnight. Business men and women who are willing to learn and are constantly looking for opportunities to improve their knowledge and hone their business skills, are automatically better equipped to adapt to the changing environments. Of course MBA’s and other tertiary degrees and diplomas are wonderful ways to…

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Bloemsec MD, Stephan Meyer, explains that companies are usually susceptible to robbery at opening and closing times. There is a way to help keep your staff safe and prevent being targeted. He offers the following security advice. 1. Stay alert while opening and closing Many business owners have been robbed or hijacked outside their business properties when opening or locking up for the day. Firstly check that there are no suspicious persons or vehicles waiting near your property before you open. It is best to rather drive past and come…

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