Good advice for start-ups at any age with Albert van Wyk @Millionaireat22

Albert van Wyk is well-known throughout South Africa as the @Millionaireat22. He is older now – but not that much at 25. After making his first million at the age of 22, Albert never looked back and currently owns businesses in tech, teaching/coaching and property. We talk about the very basics including mindset, what he proposes you should read and why you should keep it simple at the start. My favourite quote from our chat: “Don’t be a consumer and responder to everything. Rather be a creator of your own…

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You can make it work despite the economy, says Marnus Broodryk

Marnus Broodryk

Marnus Broodryk is one of my favourite headline entrepreneurs. Most people were introduced to him via the Shark Tank reality series on MNet, where he featured as the youngest shark ever. Take a minute to think about this. He was already an investor at the youthful age of 30, the age when most of us are only starting to take responsibility, or getting traction in our first real job or business. By his own admission, he believes it is his ability to outwork everyone that secured his success and luck…

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Lynette Beer talks to Bizwoman about how the truth set her free to follow her destiny

Lynette Beer is a well-loved motivational speaker in South Africa. She is also the 2018 ambassador for the SA Council of Businesswomen, a blogger for Finesse magazine, owner of Seeds of Inspiration and co-owner of EQ4Kids. But her real gift is how she gets people. She sums you up in a wink and she uses this talent to help corporate companies develop and teach staff members to understand each other, and their clients, on a whole different level. Lynette Beer made us cry with laughter and split our sides at…

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