How to get your customers to spend more


It is challenging to bring in new customers to your business, harder still to keep them, and downright difficult to get them to spend more. But that isn’t to say that it can’t be done. Here are five tips on how you can get big spenders to spend more.

Upsurge your prices

This is often seen as tremendously scary territory for small business owners – after all, consumers can be notoriously sensitive to increased prices and rightly so. But instead of viewing it as simply raising prices without cause, try and think about what kind of value and results you are providing to your customers, in addition to your goods and services. The psychology behind it is, higher prices signify luxury and exclusivity as well as value.

Get the right salesperson

People working directly with the customer needs to make a great first impression. They need to engage customers with a strong welcome. This first impression sets the tone for whatever interaction is to follow. Ask why does the customer want what they are buying? This may reveal other sales opportunities. Customers will spend more at shops with great service, but to provide such service you need the right people working for you.

Make people notice you

It is essential that your visual presence differentiate your brand effectively. In order for your brand’s identity to present a true individualized personality, it is well-defined, consistent, and centred around creating an emotional connection with your target audience. If your company looks high-end, it will attract high-end customers.

Use the uniqueness factor

Unless you’re fortunate enough to be the only player in your niche, you’ll need to differentiate yourself from your competition through your unique selling proposition. Every product or service has some unique feature that can be leveraged in your marketing campaigns. Set your product apart.

Reward customers for loyalty

Reward your best shoppers with incentives to return and shop more. While “thanks” has a nice ring to it, words just don’t carry the gravity of actions. If you’re in the customer service business — and every business is, in some capacity — you should strive to continually show your gratitude to customers in fun and memorable ways.

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