Good advice for start-ups at any age with Albert van Wyk @Millionaireat22

Albert van Wyk is well-known throughout South Africa as the @Millionaireat22. He is older now – but not that much at 25. After making his first million at the age of 22, Albert never looked back and currently owns businesses in tech, teaching/coaching and property.

We talk about the very basics including mindset, what he proposes you should read and why you should keep it simple at the start. My favourite quote from our chat:

“Don’t be a consumer and responder to everything. Rather be a creator of your own success.”

Below are some highlights from our interview. Please NOTE this podcast is in Afrikaans. Write to if you need an English transcription.

4:00        Hope for our youth

4:45        Why he left a good job to do his own thing

10:30     Side hustle vs. full time business. 3 key things to do before you take the leap

13:30     The biggest mistakes first-time entrepreneurs make

14:45     The talk you must have with family members

19:45     LIST OF BOOKS every start-up entrepreneur should read

21:45     The age-old dilemma with staff

23:20     People you can really trust

24:05     How leadership styles can keep you back or set you free

29:30     How he plans his days to stay on top of things

34:35     Action, action, action

35:25     Don’t lend your ears to nay-sayers

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