Left Brain, Right Stuff


Title: Left Brain, Right Stuff
Author: Phil Rosenzweig

Left Brain, Right Stuff takes up where other books about decision making leave off. For many routine choices, from shopping to investing, we can make good decisions simply by avoiding common errors, such as searching only for confirming information or avoiding the hindsight bias. But as Phil Rosenzweig shows, for many of the most important, more complex situations we face — in business, sports, politics, and more — a different way of thinking is required.

Leaders must possess the ability to shape opinions, inspire followers, manage risk, and outmaneuver and outperform rivals. Making winning decisions calls for a combination of skills: clear analysis and calculation — left brain — as well as the willingness to push boundaries and take bold action — right stuff.

Of course leaders need to understand the dynamics of competition, to anticipate rival moves, to draw on the power of statistical analysis, and to be aware of common decision errors — all features of left brain thinking. But to achieve the unprecedented in real-world situations, much more is needed. Leaders also need the right stuff.

Left Brain, Right Stuff deur Phil Rosenzweig gaan voort waar ander boeke oor besluitneming afsluit. Vir baie roetine-besluite, van inkopies tot belegging, kan ons goeie keuses maak deur slegs die algemene foute te vermy. Maar, soos Phil Rosenzweig daarop wys, moet ons ‘n hele nuwe denkwyse ontwikkel vir meer komplekse situasies in veral besigheid, sport en politiek. Leiers moet opinies kan verander, volgelinge inspireer, risiko bestuur en hul teenstanders uitoorlê.

Om wen-besluite te maak moet die besluitnemer oor ‘n kombinasie van vaardighede beskik: helder analise and uitstekende tydsberekening – dus linkerbrein vaardighede – maar ook die bereidwilligheid om grense te verskuif en aksie te neem waar ander sou twyfel.

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