Lynette Beer talks to Bizwoman about how the truth set her free to follow her destiny

Lynette Beer is a well-loved motivational speaker in South Africa. She is also the 2018 ambassador for the SA Council of Businesswomen, a blogger for Finesse magazine, owner of Seeds of Inspiration and co-owner of EQ4Kids.

But her real gift is how she gets people. She sums you up in a wink and she uses this talent to help corporate companies develop and teach staff members to understand each other, and their clients, on a whole different level.

Lynette Beer made us cry with laughter and split our sides at the latest event. She also perplexed me with her (what looks like) disregard for people’s personal space, and how she gets away with it!

I’ve lined her up for a podcast interview so you can experience Lynette for yourself. We hardly got into three interview questions, and some would concur that I had no control over this interview, which is completely true. But hey, it’s as real as it gets! Question is, how do you catch a cloud and pin it down?

Please Note: this interview is in Afrikaans and the views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect that of the directors, owners or associates of

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