Maya on Money


Title: Maya on Money
Author:Maya Fisher

Maya on Money Book Review:

This month Woman and Business reviews Maya Fisher French’s book on implementing your money plan, “Maya on Money”.  The practical guidelines to investing smart in this handbook shows just why she won the Sanlam Award for excellence in financial journalism.  Maya covers the most important topics from budgeting and spending, to saving and raising financially savvy children.  What is most enjoyable about this manual, is the fact that this financial guru is a born and bred South African who writes about real life examples involving our country and gives hands-on advice about what is applicable to our local financial market and South African banks.  The simplicity and great clarity on everyday financial decisions for both salary earners and entrepreneurs, gives “Maya on Money” an honest edge and makes this a wise investment in your money matters!

“If I think back to my parents’ generation, for most of them the only short-term debt they had was an account with the local grocer which they settled every month.  But today, due to the proliferation of credit cards and easy access to credit, we have forgotten how to live without debt.  Access to credit has allowed us to live well beyond our means – and to get used to that lifestyle.  We live with the belief that we can have whatever we want today and simply pay for it tomorrow.  This is why South African households are now struggling under the highest debt levels in history.  Ian Wason, head of the debt counselling company Debt Busters, says that many of his clients are spending one-hundred percent of their income just repaying their debt!  With all the financial pressures facing households these days, is it possible to live debt-free?  Well – my own personal experience proves that indeed it is possible, and I am going to share my story with you…”

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