Metro Men

Metro Men

Ladies, it is on. We are finding ourselves sharing our mirror space, the tweezers storage place is as big a fight as the toilet seat up-or-down argument and our eye cream is definitely reaching the bottom of the pot quicker than it used to. Welcome to an era where the metro-men are shamelessly making their debut.

A metro sexual male or a metro-man can be described as a man who is especially meticulous about his grooming and appearance, typically spending a significant amount of time and money on their grooming habits. In the past, this seemed only appropriate only for ladies. Thank goodness for change.

Regardless of a man’s sexual orientation or race, the concept of the metro-man is on the rise and judging by my recent Beauty experience in the Middle East (insert link to previous beauty in the middle east article)- it is here to stay.

What are the popular beauty treatments available to central South Africa’s up-and-coming metro-men? I look to our Women in Business dynamic beauty partners for the low-down.

Man-icures and Pedicures

The spaces between your fingers were created so that someone else’s can fill the gaps. The gaps are not meant for grease. Neither are the bitten off nails. Contact Done’s Salon at (051) 444 5600 to treat your man for a mani and pedi combo.

Brow waxing, threading and tinting

Can everyone shout hooray! Spider brows and male uni-brows are a thing of the past. Eyebrows frame the eyes and in the case of men are often only neatened and not necessarily fully shaped. This depends on the metro males preference. Those grey stray hairs are blended in beautifully with a natural brown tint allowing the metro man a little longer hold on his youth. Contact Dones Salon at (051) 444 5600 to make a 30 minute brow wax and tint appointment.

Male intimate waxing

Yes you read correctly. Men are finally experiencing what we put ourselves through- hot wax spread over their sensitive bits only to be ripped off quickly by your waxer. Posh lab Westdene and Poshlab Brandwag offers this professional service at affordable prices. Their extended hours on weekdays and weekends caters for your mans very busy schedule. Give them a call on (051) 4306270 to make your booking.

Body Firming and Slimming treatments

Metro-men also want to be beach-body ready. The Firm in Westdene offers a variety of slimming and body firming options. Contact Nessia’s fabulous Team at (051) 430 0060 to book a consultation or treatment for your man.

Facials and skin products

Facials prevent aging, rehydrate the skin and remove old and dead skin cells. Men age too. Men need facials and decent skin care too. Try ANESI’s Aqua Vital Mousse Radiance foaming gel cleanser and ANESI’s new Man Secret Balsam, a light , hydrating and anti aging 2-in-1 cream and serum for use day and night. Purchase his Anesi or Book your mans ANESI Aqua Vital hydra-detox facial at Willaine from New-U beauty salon in Dan Pienaar at (051) 447 5571.

I dare to say: Are you man enough to give these treatments a try? Ladies, would you want your man to give it a try? Let me know your thoughts on this controversial topic in the comments.

Should you be interested in becoming a Women in Business beauty partner, please email me at

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