Seared Hake poached in Flying Fish

PREP TIME: 30 min | COOKING TIME: 30min
SERVES: 2 | PAIRING: Roast potatoes and refreshed greens

This one is easy and very, very tasty. Chef Michelle Fourie from the Food and Beverage Institute puts together a light, delicious meal this week. She pairs the hake with potato rosettes, roasted cherry tomatoes and some refreshed greens. Delicious Flying Fish (SAB’s famously flavoured beer) is the perfect companion. All the ingredients in the photo shoot and test kitchen are from SAB and Fruit and Veg’s Food Lover’s Market.

Potato Rosettes

•Thinly slice potatoes and place on lightly greased baking tray – overlap slices to form a “rose”

•Season with salt and pepper, garlic and thyme

•Bake in oven at 180°C until soft

Roasted Tomatoes
100ml olive oil
½ tsp salt
One punnet cherry tomatoes

•Mix salt and olive oil

•Coat cherry tomatoes in olive oil mixture

•Bake in oven at 180°C until blistered (20 – 30 min)

Mange Tout (Snap peas)
One punnet Mange Tout
Salt & Pepper
Olive oil

•Blanch mange tout in rapidly boiling water for 20 seconds and refresh in ice water

•Sauté in hot pan with olive oil and season with salt and pepper

2 large Hake fillets
1 x Flying Fish (Orange flavour)
Salt and Pepper

•Sear the fish in a very hot pan until light brown

•Bring Flying Fish to the boil and reduce to half the volume

•Place seared fish into cider reduction and simmer for +/- 5 – 6 min until cooked through.

Please note: Flying Fish is not for sale to persons under the age of 18 years

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