Be security conscious and keep yourself and your family safe

Constant caution can keep you and your family safe and may prevent dangerous situations. Managing Director of Bloemsec, Stephan Meyer, offers these following general safety tips.

1. You are exposed when you are leaving or arriving at your home. Always take a minute and become aware of the surroundings. If you see something or someone suspicious, drive away and call your security company for an escort. Don’t go and investigate – trust the professionals.

2. When you are at home, keep your doors and security gates locked. Don’t be obsessive, but make a habit of it. People often think nothing will happen during the time they gather for dinner or watch a bit of TV while the kitchen door is wide open.

3. Robbers often dress well and pose as visitors to neighbours. Never assume someone is trustworthy if they are well-dressed.

4. Check and test your alarms systems often, including the batteries, beams, cameras and electric fencing. If you have installed these security measures, USE it – not only for safety sake, but also for insurance purposes.

5. Consider a remote panic button for your bathroom and keep it in a waterproof bag. Robbers often lock victims in the bathroom. Similarly, make sure to secure bathroom windows with extra beams – they are often a point of entry during robberies.

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