(Semi) Permanent beauty?

(Semi) permanant beauty pic

Perfectly shaped eyebrows, a hint of eyeliner, defined lips with a touch of color-all without a stitch of makeup on. It sounds like I’m describing the wake-up scene of the main character from a movie, right? No. I’m describing the modern day no-time-to-waste woman (and even man!) who have opted for micro-pigmentation, or as it is more commonly known: permanent make up.

I met up with experienced permanent makeup technician Doné Budd Leech to get her input on this ever popular treatment. Doné has 18 years’ experience in both the treatment itself and in training permanent makeup technicians.

The first thing on my mind of course is whether this treatment is here to stay or whether it is just a passing phase? According to Doné permanent makeup is definitely here to stay. Techniques are constantly changing and being improved. Long gone are the days of solid looking eyebrows after a treatment. We now have endless options for eyebrows varying between powdered looking brows and different hair stroke techniques. Lip treatments are no longer just a solid lip liner; as full lip treatments are now being done with techniques as advanced as creating a fading ombre’ towards the center of the lips. Eyeliners are the most popular of these treatments and range from lash enhancing procedures to a more dramatic look in the top and bottom lashes.

The success of your permanent makeup treatment will be determined by how you choose your technician. Doné gives us some pointers which will ensure good research resulting in a successful treatment.

Firstly, ask your technician if she is registered with the Permanent Cosmetic Association of South Africa (PCASA). The association ensures sound practices within this industry, thus ensuring better quality technicians and

work. Secondly ask the technician for her portfolio of work. Doné says that it is important to ask for photos that show pre-treatment, immediately post-treatment as well as healed pictures after a few weeks/months.  Thirdly, ask your technician for references of clients she has worked with, whom you can contact to ask about their experience with that specific technician and their work. A good therapist will not mind you asking these three things of her – it is after all a tattoo on your face!

Naturally, the question on many consumers’ lips is the obvious pain factor. Just how bad is it? I myself have been under the needle and I assure you with this – expectation is much worse than it really is. Doné ends off our conversation by reminding consumers that the advanced topical anesthetics make the procedure very bearable. “It is uncomfortable but hardly painful. Within 14 days your result will be healed and you will always be ready to go.”

There is so much more to share with you on this topic.  Would you be open to looking into this seemingly fabulous time saving treatment? See the below video where Done demonstrates how it is done! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and questions!



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