Why are you struggling to lose weight?

You may be one of those people who feel like you are doing everything right yet your weight loss has come to a standstill.

For many of us weight seems to be a constant battle. We get going and are all excited and hyped up to just do it!  Around week 4 most of that enthusiasm seems to be fading away and we’re back to old habits and feeling frustrated with the results.

Let’s look at some common misconceptions that may be holding you back.

Focus on low fat only

It is fine to choose low fat products but remember many low fat products are high in sugar! You may be saving on fat but the additional kilojoules going in are not helping. E.g. a pack of Jelly Tots is 0g fat with about 70g carbs per 100g.

1 slice bread = 15g carbs so if you having a packet of zero fat Jelly Tots you are in effect eating around 4.5 slices of bread!

Quick tip – use a slice of bread as a benchmark when you buying or evaluating food labels (convert total carbs per serving to slices of bread)

Low fat is also not necessarily always “low fat”. Depending on the original fat content of a product the “low fat” version may still be high in fat. E.g. cottage cheese full cream is very high in fat so the low fat version may have less fat than the original product, but it is still high in fat.

Eating Low GI

Eating low GI foods is a great choice as most low GI foods have a good fibre content thus making glucose release slower and keeping blood sugar levels more stable.

However, low GI foods fall under starches. A starch gives you energy so if you are not burning up all the energy from the low GI foods you are eating, then you will not lose weight. Portion control is important.

Diet with no Exercise

Diet alone will work to a certain degree, but you will get to a point where the exercise must kick in. Burning fat or kilojoules with exercise is great and for weight maintenance, this is very important.

At the end of the day it is about getting a plan that is tailored for your needs. Education is key to enable you swap foods out to accommodate your preferences and to plan some treats in.

Our clinic boasts weight loss results from 5kg up to 101kg. This is achieved with a plan tailored for the client’s needs and education sessions to empower a client to lose weight and keep it off, to have variety in your diet and to make the plan simple and practical.

It is a lifestyle change you are after, the moment we neglect an area we will slowly add on centimetres and kilograms again. A healthy mindset is what you would like to start your journey on, if you are desperate it just makes it much harder, less pleasant and your expectations of results will be disappointing.

Article by Ajita Ratanjee, Dietitian at Easy Health Wellness www.easyhealthwellness.com

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