The Travels of the South African Family Robbertze

The SA Family Robbertze

Ever heard of the Swiss Family Robinson? It’s a classic tale about a family of six that was shipwrecked in the East Indies on their way to Australia. Written in 1812 by Johann Wyss, it chronicles the adventures of a mother, father and their four boys on an island which is often described as ‘geographically impossible’ for its great variety of plants and mammals. The text is riddled with moral life lessons – true to form for the literature of the day.

For years I thought that their actual surname was Robinson (which is weird for a Swiss family), but a little extra reading revealed that this was never the case. Robinson is the name of the genre, a.k.a Robinson Crusoe-esque stories of shipwrecks, adventure and inevitable saving when a British ship arrives just in time.

We, The South African Family Robbertze, like most middle class families, were so stuck in the rut of life, work, school, work, school and more work, that we hardly ever foresaw any adventure in this lifetime. Something had to be done or we would die of boredom – or depression – or both!

With a little nudge from a friend of the family, a little help from a travel agency, and a whole lot of DARING, we set out to discover the gems that surround us in our own country.

We gladly share these experiences to motivate you to take your family to all these beautiful and highly accessible (read: affordable) places and create lifelong memories.

Who are we really?

The father in the story is Kobus Robbertze, photographer, motorised paraglider pilot, extreme sportsman, avid gardener and all round good guy. He used to be an adventurer before he settled down to be a family man and father of two. He is very excited to rekindle his wild side, albeit with us tag-alongs that fall behind on the side of cliffs. In his own words: “…”

He doesn’t say much, to be honest, but his pictures are worth a thousand words.

The mother is Louwna Erasmus, writer, blogger, podcaster, businesswoman, foodie (read: eats anything, really), sometimes musician around campfires and avid reader. In her own words: these are my own words!

The teen in the family is Morgan Pelser. For teens there are mostly three prerequisites for every great adventure: Clean ablutions, WIFI and eye candy (read: attractive specimens from the opposite sex). And not too many bugs… In her own words: “I-think-that-it-would-be-great-to-be-a-minimalist-like-I-am-going-to-you-know-there-are-many-YouTubers-who-live-like-that-imagine-if-you-clean-up-your-life-like-you-only-have-a-bed-and-a-capsule-wardrobe-and-it-must-be-great-not-to-worry-too-much-about-what-you-carry-when-you-travel-like-I-can-fit-everything-into-my-backpack-and-like-can-we-maybe-paint-the-room-white-the-blue-is-getting-too-much-I-thought-maybe-we-could-stop-and-get-a-new-mirror-can-you-take-me-to-gym-and-can-we-go-now-we-are-late!”

In her general defence, she also really, really works hard in school as well as at the gym, and she makes her own pocket money through clever business endeavours.

The littlest adventurer in the family is called Logan Finn Robbertze. Like most boys his age, there are only two things that get in his way for having a perfect life: School and daily baths. In his own words: “…” Seems he really is his father’s child.

Logan is a collector (read: hoarder) of all things gross and interesting like rocks, dead animals, dead insects, shells, more rocks, sticks, bottle caps, slime and Gloop in every colour. He is also the runner in the family with a personal best of 32 minutes on a 5km. He prefers trail runs for their ‘natural beauty’.


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