Train successfully at home – Part 1

By Elizabeth Tsikkos, personal trainer to the ordinary folk

This Monday. Next Monday. After the long weekend.

If this is your dialogue when planning a start date for a training program, then you are in the vast percentage of women who simply do not have the time to add more routine to an already jam-packed day. The process of getting to the gym adds to the problem, because getting to the gym before any exercise can happen extends your gym-going time by thirty minutes at best. The good news is that I am going to show you that training at home is possible.

Before we begin, remember to check with your doctor before trying anything new, especially if you have health problems to consider. To be extra safe, let the doc check you out anyway.

Don’t dismiss DVD training programmes

We have all at one stage or another purchased an exercise DVD of some sort. Most of us have even tried the routine a few times, that is, before losing track of the DVD’s whereabouts and being thankful that we did. Exercise programmes on DVD are designed to be done at home, and you will be hard-pressed to find better in-door cardio for the price and ease of a single DVD.
I love this particular programme choice because it eliminates the problem of not knowing what exercises to do. If this is your home fitness choice, this is how to do it successfully:

Firstly, put the DVD in the DVD player and press “play”. This seems obvious, but most of us first want to make dinner or get the clothes in the wash on a spin cycle. Stop it! If your day gets too busy too quickly, then get up a little earlier in the morning and do the exercise program in your pyjamas before life kicks in.

Secondly, do not feel that you have to perform each and every exercise at the same intensity level as the on-screen instructor from day one. You are at home. No one can see you. Build up to doing the exercises at a high intensity level over time. As long as you are getting tired, you are exercising!

Thirdly, do not have an “All or Nothing” attitude. Training three to four times a week is sufficient if your goal is simply to remain fit and healthy, or to lose some weight. If you are planning on running a marathon anytime soon, then yes, you will need to re-evaluate your training programme choice.

Watch out for Part 2 – Train successfully at home

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