You can make it work despite the economy, says Marnus Broodryk

Marnus Broodryk

Marnus Broodryk is one of my favourite headline entrepreneurs. Most people were introduced to him via the Shark Tank reality series on MNet, where he featured as the youngest shark ever. Take a minute to think about this. He was already an investor at the youthful age of 30, the age when most of us are only starting to take responsibility, or getting traction in our first real job or business. By his own admission, he believes it is his ability to outwork everyone that secured his success and luck has nothing to do with it.

In this interview Marnus talks about his book, 90 Rules for Entrepreneurs – The Codex of Hustle, his relationship with money, and how it feels to lose two million in 15 minutes flat. Below is an interview timeline. Enjoy!

[02:25] The mindset of the biggest CEO in Africa

[06:00] What he wants you to learn from his book

[08:40] How to get over your poverty mindset

[11:15] Why it’s never too late to start

[14:45] Losing 2 million bucks in 15 minutes

[17:25] Improve yourself first

[19:30] Marnus’ CRAZY morning routine 🙂

[22:35] Who to appoint first

[26:10] About failure and why it’s OK

[27:40] Why he DOESN’T believe in serial entrepreneurship

Please note: This interview is in Afrikaans. For a summary in English write to


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